Meet the Team

Karee Upendo | Mom-ager/CEO


 Karee is the Chief Executive Officer and also Alex's mom. She is in charge of all operations of the company, including but not limited to marketing, overall operations, manufacturing, seamstress, PR, media & being a mom.

Alex Hart-Upendo | Founder


Alex is the Founder of Build-A-Bow his vision and ideas are what made this possible. Alex has his hands on every product and design selected for Build-A-Bow including but not limited to sewing, designing & choosing textiles.

Avery Upendo | COO/ Brand Ambassador


Avery is our Chief Operating Officer and Brand Ambassador as well as Alex's Dad. He helps with the branding of our company, he embodies the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. He is second in command of operations & responsible for the efficency  of Build-A-Bow. You will most likely see him at our Vending events and fashion shows.

Heidi Hart | Customer Care Coordinator


Heidi is our Customer Care Coordinator handling all scheduling for events. If you have ever contacted Build-A-Bow for events or questions you more than likely have spoken to her. She is our Customer Service Professional as well as Alex's nana 

Aven Upendo | Junior Brand Ambassador


 Aven is our 5 year old Junior Brand Ambassador. He is in charge of modeling all children bow ties, you will see him modeling on our marketing materials or fashion shows. He is also Alex's younger brother. 

Build-A-Bow Team


We look forward to working with you!